We have been appointed to implement Technology Hub projects at four locations in KwaZulu Natal. These project sites are in Port Shepstone, Pietermaritzburg, Newcastle and Richards Bay.

The concept of Techno Hubs is to attract investment from organisations that are within the Research, Innovation and Technology “space” of development and operation. This concept attracts higher education institutions to locate satellite campuses at these locations so that business and academia can develop partnerships.

Our appointment is that of implementing agent and therefore we shall use the funds secured to provide infrastructure that would make the sites “development ready” and develop marketing and branding to attract investors, tenants and end-user clients to locate their businesses and organisations within these Technology Innovative Hubs.

Consulting services that were part of the appointment included focusing on the specialised services of Supply Chain Management. These services were to “unlock” the backlog of appointments of both service providers and contractors required to support the public bank.

Having achieved the objective, the consulting services have been used to enhance some of the policies and procedures, mentor client employees and provide specialist support to strategic projects.

Provision of project management services that would provide business solutions, through the provision of software development, was offered to numerous clients in both the shipping and trucking industry.

Introduction of a web-enabled project management solution was developed for a shipping company, thus providing solutions to their product suppliers, shipping agents and vessel owners.

Developed, installed and trained staff in the software product for a trucking company operating in Southern Africa and thus maximised the utilisation of their resources.


European Union funded programmes in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal required assessment and evaluation of projects.

Specialist services were provided to assess project applications that aligned with the EU criteria and that of the local economic principals for both the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. Project applications were cross-cutting in terms of the sectors for economic development.

GWI were appointed to Project Manage the repairs and maintenance to 128 schools in the Midlands Area of KwaZulu Natal.

Appointments were made for the professional team, recommendations were made for the appointment of contractors and the project and construction management of these projects was performed by GWI.


GWI are working on assignments with other consulting firms to assist KZN Provincial Treasury with an intervention to expedite the delivery of infrastructure projects throughout the province.

Subject Matter Experts are appointed to provide interventions and recommendations to Provincial Departments, District and Local Municipalities with their programmes and projects.

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