The construction of gravel roads and numerous river crossings to improve the infrastructure of the Emakhosini Heritage Park and thus allow for an increase in the number of tourists that would be able to access the park.

Phase 1

Development of Arts and Craft Centre in Ntuzuma.

Phase 2

Provision of security at the Arts and Craft Centre, marketing, equipping the Centre with furniture and fittings, setting up the Centre for retail trading, operationalising the Centre and the creation of arts and craft to sell and stock the Centre.

A project was conceptualised in Barberton to overcome a situation where traditional healers illegally harvest medicinal plants from conservation areas and in so doing, destroy the plants, resulting in a negative impact on the biodiversity. With there being in excess of 200 registered traditional healers in the area, central government committed to funding a project that would propagate and grow medicinal plants for the local traditional healers.

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INK Creative Centre is a project that has assisted many local artists and crafters from the Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu areas to receive training in product development in order to uplift their skills.

The project received funding from the National Department of Tourism and it created jobs for 92 people. The intervention has provided local artists and crafters with a platform to market their products to commercial retailers and their work has been branded for its unique designs and high quality standards; visit

GWI are providing project management and consulting services to a school in the local area. The work entails the construction of additional learning facilities for the children and includes new classrooms and ablutions facilities.

This service is being provided as part of their commitment to a local school and forms part of their contribution in terms of social responsibility.


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